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Updated forecasts point to growth

Off-Highway Research has completed the mid-year updates of its Chinese, Indian and International Database Services, which include sales forecasts to 2021 by country, product and manufacturer. Analysis of these figures is available in the newly published Mid-Year Reviews in our Chinese, European and Indian Services.

Market outlook

The Chinese construction equipment market is set to rise by a remarkable 55 per cent this year, according to Off-Highway Research’s updated forecast. The market had previously suffered a steep decline from the highs of 2010 and 2011, eventually bottoming-out in 2016. The turnaround this year will see sales of all types of equipment increase, with the excavator sector looking particularly buoyant.

In India the robust 36 per cent growth which was seen in 2016 is expected to be followed by a further 10 per cent increase in equipment sales this year. Again, the crawler excavator market has been particularly buoyant this year, while investment in infrastructure has been a boon for compaction equipment sales.

Growth in European equipment sales is also forecast for this year, although a more measured 2 per cent rise will be seen following the sharp 11 per cent up-tick of 2016. Most countries in Europe will see increased equipment sales, including the major markets of France, Italy and the UK. However, the German market is expected to see a sharp correction, having hit record levels in 2016 in response to the booming residential construction market. This slide in Europe’s biggest equipment market will offset many of the gains seen elsewhere.

Access to information

Database and report subscribers can access Off-Highway Research’s latest market insights via the Internet Access Service. Database Services can be accessed directly from here, while subscribers to our Market Reports should use this portal download the August Mid-Year Reviews.

If you are not a current subscriber to Off-Highway Research’s Database Services, please click to download brochures on our International Database, covering Western Europe, Japan and North America, and our Chinese or Indian Database Services. More information on these powerful analytical tools is also available at

The Mid-Year Reviews form part of Off-Highway Research’s Chinese, European and Indian Services. Subscribing to these services includes full access to our library of hundreds of Equipment Analyses, Country Analyses, Company Profiles and Market Reports, as well as new studies published during the duration of your subscription.

Clients around the world find Off-Highway Research’s databases and reports to be invaluable analytical tools, helping them gain insights into markets, identify opportunities and grow their businesses profitably.

Please contact us at if you would like to subscribe to any services or have any further questions. Subscriptions can also be bought on-line via


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