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New blog post discusses trends in the global industry

A blog post by Off-Highway Research Senior Consultant Chris Sleight on partner website discusses some of the current trends in the global construction equipment industry, including the return to growth which is expected this year.

While some of the issues and trends were discussed in a news story and press release in late March, the new post looks at the longer cycle of events in worldwide equipment markets and discusses the disruption to the normal industry cycle which was caused by the global financial crisis and some of the events which followed it. Click here to read the blog post.

The data cited in the post can be found in a variety of Off-Highway Research products. The Global Volume & Value Service provides information on the size of national and regional markets by equipment type around the world and their value in US Dollar terms. Our International Database, Chinese Database and Indian Database Services add to that information with sales and production data by manufacturer, product type and country. Meanwhile our Chinese, European and Indian report services enhance that information with in-depth analysis through Market Reports, Annual Reviews, Equipment Analyses, Company Profiles and Country Reports.

Reports and databases are available to Off-Highway Research subscribers through our Internet Access Service, and can be bought by non-subscribers through our online store.

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