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Redesigned reports now feature embedded Excel tables

Off-Highway Research has launched a new look for its European, Chinese and Indian Service reports. As part of a raft of improvements, the PDF versions feature Tables which can be opened directly in Excel, allowing client to easily integrate Off-Highway Research data with their own analysis tools.

The new look reports feature the use of colour and charts, along with a contemporary design and layout to make them easier to navigate and digest for clients. Further enhancements have been made to the PDF digital versions, which are the preferred format of reports for the vast majority of clients. These include bookmarking and the availability of all Off-Highway Research-sourced data tables as an Excel file.

The Excel tables can be accessed via the speech bubble icon in the right-hand margin next to each data table. Hovering the mouse over this alerts users to the availability of an Excel file, and clicking the icon will allow it to be opened or saved. The Excel file for each report includes a number of worksheets, containing all Off-Highway Research cited used in the document.

The addition of this value-added service will make it easier than ever for Off-Highway Research clients to analyse data and incorporate it into their wider market analysis tools.

The new design with embedded Excel tables will be applied to new and updated Off-Highway Research reports. Previously published reports will not be changed retrospectively, but will have the enhanced features added as they are updated over the coming months in the light of new research.

Click here for more information on the European, Chinese and Indian Services.

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