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Video tutorial for Database Services

Off-Highway Research has produced a comprehensive video tutorial to support subscribers to its Chinese, Indian and International Database Services. The new video demonstrates how to use these powerful and flexible database tools to their maximum potential, and will be of interest to new subscribers as well as long-standing users in need of a refresher course.

The full contents of the video are detailed below, with time references to aid navigation. Starting with an introduction to the Databases’ coverage, contents and the methodology for gathering information, the tutorial provides a stop-by-step guide from the login process, through basic functions to some of the more advanced features of Off-Highway Research’s Database Services.

As well as demonstrating the power and flexibility of the Database system, there are also sections on exporting data, which can be particularly useful to combine information from multiple sources in common software packages such as Excel.

In the advanced functions section, ways of configuring custom searches and sophisticated database lookups are discussed and demonstrated.

More information on Off-Highway Research’s Database is available on Click here for the Chinese Database Service, click here for the Indian Database Service, click here for the International Database Service or click here to purchase in the online store.


Database Services video tutorial contents

0:00 – Overview

  • Chinese, Indian and International Databases
  • Covering 19 countries and 16 products
  • Sales and production data by manufacturer
  • Historic data back to at least 2002, 1980s in some cases
  • Methodology

1:17  – Coverage

  • 14 core products covered in all Databases
  • Compaction equipment and Mobile Cranes also covered in Chinese and Indian Databases
  • International Database covers Western Europe, Japan and North America
  • Indian and Chinese Databases have a single country focus
  • Simple pull-down menu to move between Databases

2:27 – Getting Started

  • Login via
    • Internet Access Service button
  • Choose between On-line and PC Download versions

4:14 – Database Contents

  • Production and retail sales data
  • Historic data back to at least 2002, 1980s in some cases
  • Regular updates in March and August

5:25 – Tour of Functions

  • Sorting data
  • Configuring searches
  • Summary and Group Summary functions
  • Switch instantly between sales and production data
  • Instantly toggle between Chinese, Indian and International Databases
  • Add percentage market share to any figures
  • Use Row Total function to estimate machine population

9:36 – Exporting Data

  • Instantly export current view to Excel with one mouse click
    • Integrate with other data sources and analytical tools
  • Export the entire database as a plain text flat file
    • Analyse in Excel with Pivot Table function

11:57 – Advanced Functions

  • Build bespoke searches with Filters
    • Select specific countries, products, manufacturers and data range
  • Enhance with Summary, Group Summary, Market Share and Row Total functions
  • Change Headers to manipulate how you view the data
  • Swap columns and rows to change view
  • Single click export to Excel at any stage
  • Experiment to tailor the system to your needs

17:17 – Summary, Contact Information and Buying Options

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