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Global Volume & Value Service PLUS now available

Off-Highway Research has launched a premium version of its Global Volume & Value Service offering more than twice the amount of data as found in the standard service. Both the PLUS and standard services have also been integrated into our online database system.

The Volume & Value Service is a powerful market-sizing tool, covering 16 products and 19 major countries, as well as the rest of the world. It provides annual sales data by product, by country in both unit (volume) and US$ (value) terms.

The new Global Volume & Value Service PLUS breaks the data down further, with sales volumes and values given by up to six weight/size classes per product type in each of the 19 individual countries covered. This provides 524 data points per year, compared to 224 in the standard Service.

We are confident this rich pool of data will provide greater benefits and insights to our clients as they analyse markets around the world and develop their strategies for growth.

Making the Global Volume & Value Service and Global Volume & Value Service PLUS available via Off-Highway Research’s on-line and PC download databases means they now integrate with our other Database Services – the International, Chinese and Indian Database Services. Our intuitive database package allows clients to quickly and simply build searches. These functions make market analysis fast and efficient, and allow different scenarios to be easily modelled. The system allows clients to manipulate data and export it as an Excel worksheet or delimited flatfile for easy integration with other analytical tools. The database system also makes historic Volume & Value data more easily accessible.

Data is updated and forecasts refined at least twice per year, giving subscribers access to the latest market intelligence and outlook.

Click here for more details about the new Global Volume & Value Service PLUS.

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